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Saturday, January 15, 2011

LYRICS2025* 'Where Do We Go' - EYE2025*CHAPTER1

SONG:Where Do We Go

It was the best of the times
It was the worst of times
It was a season of light
It was a season of darkness
we had everything before us
we had nothing before us
in short
it was a period very like the present (like the present)

Where do we go from here
go from
Where do we go (where do we Go)
Where do we go from here
Go from
Where do we go

We at the point of no return
government got money to burn
I turned on, tuned in but I look around & its like nobody concerned
they tryin' to put a chip in my finger but nigga I'm sucka free
they tryin' to tax me, track me, sell me, kill me, but me I just wanna be me
this been going on for centuries they been tryin' to bring a end to me
a end to we, a end to us, us against the machine, til we dead or free
some might call this insanity, me I call this humanity
dignity in the face of tragedy
bring a end to the system thru calamity
thru strategy
risk casualties
life, limb, friend and family
this ain't fantasy, this reality
niggas livin' in a dream like they half asleep
this aint Master P, this aint Cash Money, this aint Jay Z, Diddy or some rappers G
this is blasphemy to the powers that be
to them Cowards that scared of attackin' the beast
& slavery so last century
2017 to eternity
lets go
lets go
lets go

Where Do We Go from Here

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