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Ratner Heights, Brooklyn, New York, United Kingdom
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


(April 18, 2012 - New York, NY) -- The predictable hip-hop landscape has
just gotten more enthralling with the video premiere of Weekend Money's "
Insomniac." The musical visual is the first release from their much-anticipated,
upcoming EP Naked City. The new black and white clip, directed by the Roots'
affiliated lensman Zach Isaac, features the groundbreaking duo of acclaimed
lyricist Ness and producer extraordinaire Baghdaddy in their non-conforming
element. For the Brooklyn, New York-based act, its at once serious, but
trippy; 'hood, but decadent. A straight-no-chaser smiley face in a haze of
smoke amid artists, thugs, model chicks, around-the-way-girls, and rebels.

"We live in the proverbial city that never sleeps, right?" says Ness of
the thought-process that went into writing the treatment for the 'Insomniac'
video. "That's what it's all about. There are a lot of things that go on
in New York from the wild party scenes to grinding for that bread. We wanted
to film it in black and white to stay away from that polished tone because
life is not polished. This shit ain't Hollywood."

For Baghdaddy, the "Insomniac" clip symbolizes the culmination of a
project that was first sparked a little over a year ago when the Philadelphia born
Ness—a member of the dead prez affiliated group A-Alikes—first hooked up
with the Hot Sugar protégé. "People can now visually see the dynamic of
Weekend Money," he excitedly says. "Ness and I put so much time and aggression
into this project. We've done so much in such a short time...things that make
us excited as music fans. This is the kind of music we want to hear on the
radio and on the streets."

Indeed, "Insomniac" captures the unique hybrid sound of Weekend Money. The
eerie, trippy, hard-charging track comes off like Death Row era Dr. Dre
dropping acid with Kraftwerk on the streets of New York. The electro-synth
heavy cut swaggers with hardcore hip-hop credentials yet still colors outside
the lines. It's a provocative sound that was first born when the two met
during the making of Ness' recently released EYE2025 EP, a conceptual project
that merged the reflective, hardboiled, and no-nonsense rhyming of Ness with
the '80s pop, funk and rock synthesized mash-ups of Baghdaddy.

And Weekend Money is staying on their grind. The duo, which
calls "something wicked," is set to drop Naked City on June 5. Let's go!

Video Shot on Location: Bedford Stuyvesant & Williamsburg Brooklyn

Director: Zach Isaac
Co Director: NE$$
Treatment: NE$$

Camera: Zach Isaac & Momo Lee
Editor: Momo Lee & Birhan Tonge of Royal Ras Productions