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WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS. We are guerilla artists expressing ourselves in a time when the imperialists make it illegal to do so. No amount of suppression, repression, or oppression can stop us. We are determined to keep our voice alive by any means necessary. Enjoy. Share with Like Minds. Spread the Light. Give feedback. Feedback is Fuel. thank you. illumiNessence EYE2025*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Satellites' Song & Lyrics

'Satellites' from the upcoming guerilla art lp '2025*'
lyrics by illuminessence
beat by Pycho Therapy & +

When I take a walk at night
I Dont See the Stars at Night
So whats them Lights
Satellites, thats them Satellites

First Verse
I hear You talking, You think you hard,
You Hard? Fuck talk cut that pinky off,
Its a New Day, they still warring for that Purei,
guerilla warfare Uzi's & AK's
BroadDay...(yeah nigga)
Shots Ring Out, Robots in the Hallway
Got that bulletproof RK
suped up for that 200 mile an Hour Car Chase
So many Satellites in outerspace, you cant even see the stars
everythings all outta place, will we live to see tomorrow
they sendin' satellites to outerspace, settin' up shop on mars
while down here take a look around, everywhere is war, war, war


Second Verse
Now turn ya Pages to the book of revelations
take a look around dont it look like revelations
hell yeah this devil's civilization
us vs. them
God vs. Satan
all Nations from here to the space station
starvation, fiends slavin' in the basement
free masons plot, plan we complacent
my mind racin', mom lookin' at me crazy
but naw mama I aint drawn
I see visons with my eyes closed, hear them horns
its like fire & brimstone, hear them bombs
and middle finger to the 'Bots, we don't fear those pawns, naw
its like a game of chess & we kings & queens but we in check,
we in debt
layed out with EMS
but whats left muthafucka til we free or death