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Ratner Heights, Brooklyn, New York, United Kingdom
WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS. We are guerilla artists expressing ourselves in a time when the imperialists make it illegal to do so. No amount of suppression, repression, or oppression can stop us. We are determined to keep our voice alive by any means necessary. Enjoy. Share with Like Minds. Spread the Light. Give feedback. Feedback is Fuel. thank you. illumiNessence EYE2025*

Monday, January 11, 2010

illuminessence: who,what, where, when, why?

who: illuminessence

what: guerilla/artist

ratner heights, king's county-
1st Ward/
downtown sector

when:Jan 2025*

why: "why what? what's the question?"
why the music? "Because it needs to be said. Because after the suspension of our so-called 'Constitutional Rights' in 2017, guerilla art/music is one of our only means of communicating what we're going thru. Just cuz they call us terrorist and make it illegal to express ourselves doesn't mean we're going to stop. I mean this is our therapy, our voice, we need this like we need air, like we need water. This our food, our light if you will. Parliment ain't more powerful than the people they just got power over us but the irony of it all is the more they try to control us the more they lose control...."

how: "By any means necessary..."

*the actual date of recordings is unknown.

For Sightings and Inquiries or #(206)984-0220

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